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It is with great pleasure for me to announce that i/we are supporting CRPS this is something my father suffers with but he still supports me with my racing.

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your support in our cause.
I would like to give you a brief background on our journey & mission.
We are a small group of Motorsports Fans, who unfortunately have been diagnosed with a rare neurological condition called: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is thought to be a disorder of the central nervous system, causing unrelenting pain, burning, swelling & numbness. This in turn leads to mental health problems & isolation. As it stands, there is NO CURE for C.R.P.S. the condition is “managed” with strong medication , physiotherapy & pain management. Although, if C.R.P.S. can be diagnosed early enough, remission is possible. It has also been known as “The Suicide Disease”.
C.R.P.S. is thought to be diagnosed after a minor injury , surgery or nerve damage.
On a chance conversation in October 2017, 2 of our members were discussing their condition with BTCC drivers, Dan Kirby & Toby Bearne. The idea soon became apparent that a good way to raise awareness of C.R.P.S. was to display decals on the cars, in turn spreading the details & warning signs of C.R.P.S.
After various conversations & meetings, our decals were displayed on all 32 cars participating in Britcar at Brands Hatch. Since then, we have had support from many forms of motorsport, including: Karting, Formula Vee, Formula Ford, F4,Britcar, Vw Cup, VAG Trophy, Junior Fiesta, Mini 7’s, Junior Ginetta’s,
Ginetta GT4’s, Ginetta GT55’s, British GT Championships,British Touring Car Championship, British Truck Racing, British Sidecars. To name a few. …